Roadmap for Ejb3Unit 2.0

Exiting News Ejb3Unit 2.0 is comming soon

Feature list for next 2.0 Version

  • Improvement: No dependencies - on jar thats it!! (only log4j.jar and optional jmock.jar [for mocked tests] will be required). This will ease the installation and development in large projects because less dependencies are required. No jar file conflicts anymore!
  • New Feature: Support for relational CSV data loaders. Load your test data with references!
  • New Feature: Support for peristence.xml no need to specify your persistence objects for every test!
  • Improvement: Completely refactored EntityManger life cycle handling - will speed up your testing!
  • Improvement: Support of the new jMock2 framework!
  • Improvement: More feedback for failing test cases!
  • Improvement: Broken entities (e.g. syntax error in query) will not break other tests anymore!
  • Lots of bug fixes!

Sneak preview

Currently not in the upcoming release

  • Transaction Handling
  • Better relation ship support for automated entity bean test:
    • Unidirectional 1:N,
    • Bidirectional n:m and 1:1. Currently only bi-directional 1:n is supported. For this or complex scenarios you can use the "PoJoFixture" which setups the infrastructure and gives you access to an entity manager which allows to persist your own object graph.